Why MoodSpark

Our world class team firmly believes the human spirit can be cared for by sparking the emotional memory

MoodSpark is here to help people not feel lonely and help every daughter and son worried about their elderly parents find more comfort and calm.

MoodSpark empowers you and helps you worry less about your loved one’s happiness. Stay connected across long distances, share memories and program ways to uplift, distract and redirect your loved one from anxiety and depression.

We have spent the last year testing hardware and software with world renowned psychologists, psychiatrists. MoodSpark is purpose-built to trigger emotional memory and detect resultant emotional states. We published research and proved that we can improve mood by tapping into emotional memory. Our technology is patented.   


Based in research

Non drug based alternative

Trusted by physicians

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Digital Companion

MoodSpark privately and discreetly detects low level signals of sadness and uplifts with emotional memories, personalized conversation, video visits from friends, family, and community.