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How it Works

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the product?

MoodSpark is a smart display hardware appliance with a conversational interface purpose-built to sense and respond to your mood. We are the "alexa" of mood management. The product is accompanied by a mobile family app (Apple or Android) that connects your family to the smart display hardware appliance.

How does it work?

MoodSpark uses emotional memory queues built from a biographical profile on our family app to help redirect and calm your loved one in times of need. Families upload and share content. Notifications and suggestions keep family informed and engaged. MoodSpark privately and discreetly watches, listens and alerts to patterns of sadness or stress. Once detected, the digital companion goes to work, offering highly personalized conversational queues and content suggestions designed to spark emotional memory. Our digital companion learns, adapts and improves over time. Making it easy to program ways to uplift, distract, redirect and stay connected.

Does it require someone to set up the device and maintain it?

Initial set up is easy but requires someone who knows how to connect to a BlueTooth device. Turn on your device and follow the prompts from our Family App. Simply download our iOS or Android family app and follow the quick set up instructions. Once the device is paired with the Family App you don't have to maintain anything.

Is it practical for use with someone with dementia?

Yes. The device is designed so that elderly loved one's just follow the conversational and audio prompts. No buttons need to be pushed, the device does not have to be turned on, family can engage remotely using the Family App.

Are you required to have several in one residence?

Depending on the size of the residence, typically one device will work for your loved one. Be sure to place in a location that is frequented by your loved one such as a living room, kitchen or bedroom.

Is it listening all the time like Alexa?

Unlike Alexa, we do not process or store any information in the cloud. We respect your privacy. All data is stored and processed locally, on the device, to keep information safe. The device listens privately and discreetly.

Does it have a voice command?

Yes. MoodSpark has a conversational interface that uses a voice to help re-direct and calm your loved one. The voice command is triggered by our proprietary sadness detection processes so your loved one will not have to say a name to awaken the device.

Is there a fee for use or a subscription cost?

We will have a subscrption model for advanced features.

How it it different from an iPhone or computer?

MoodSpark is purpose-built to improve mood by sparking emotional memories. Can your iPhone or Computer do that?

How do you maintain content?

Users upload content from their phones or popular social media services. We make content suggestions and recommendations based on measuring interactions with the device.

How does it know someone is sad or lonely?

MoodSpark privately and discreetly watches, listens and alerts to patterns of sadness or stress experienced by older loved ones. The device looks and listens for cries, repeated questions, non-verbal sounds, erratic movement, etc.

MoodSpark is a hardware device paired with a family app that surfaces positive emotional memories. We use a patent-pending computer vision (CV) and machine learning (ML) algorithms to privately and discretely detect and alert to patterns of sadness or stress.  Once detected, our digital companion goes to work offering personalized conversations and content suggestions designed to spark the emotional memory.